USA: Assouline presents Bon Voyage: Travel Suitcase an impeccable Father’s Day Gift!This light travel suitcase is the perfect gift for the weekend. With metal and wood finishing, it features a colorful selection of handmade vintage destination stickers from the most important hotels in the world. Reminiscent of old-time journeys, the suitcases are as functional as they are fashionable, and include the best travel titles from Assouline: Paris Hotel Stories, Hotel Stories, Island Hotel Stories and Adventure Hotel Stories; each book is wrapped in newspaper and embedded in tissue. The perfect accessory to inspire the traveler in each of us. Pre-order and reserve yours today! Available for shipping 10 April 2005 For more information please call 212. 989. 6769. Available at Assouline (Limited Availability) $225

    Bon Voyage: Travel Suitcase
    Adventure Hotel Stories
    By Francisca Matteoli
    7 3/4 ; 80 Pages; 60 Color and B&W Photographs; Hardcover, Jacket
    Adventure is a state of mind, an addiction that stems from the unexpected, freedom and risk. It is Steve McQueen in France, driving his speeding bullets during the shooting of Le Mans; Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda crossing New Mexico, Lawrence of Arabia fascinated by the Jordanian desert. In this book, the author follows the paths of these adventurers and brings legendary films back to life.

    Hotel Stories
    By Francisca Matteoli
    Revealing the myths and mystery behind legendary hotels and their famous guests, Hotel Stories transports you to the most talked about haunts across the globe: Greta Garbo was “born” in a Berlin palace; “James Bond” was created in a house in Jamaica; Al Capone lived his last days in a hotel in Miami; Frida Kahlo escaped with Leon Trotsky to a hacienda in the Mexican countryside. Throughout the world, mansions, domains, palaces, and haciendas have been transformed into hotels where magic and history float in the air. From Rome to Hong Kong, Nairobi, Chile and Mexico, stories of incredible adventures, unsolved mysteries, political intrigues, film shoots and illicit liaisons are collected in this colorful book. Travel the world from your couch, or use the detailed hotel guide information provided to go see the rooms for yourself. Either way, Hotel Stories is a trip you will never forget.

    Island Hotel Stories
    By Francisca Matteoli
    Following the success of Hotel Stories (Legendary Hideaways of the World), Island Hotel Stories by Francisca Mattéoli is a book for dreamers as well as an original and practical guide. Everyone dreams of living on an island, perhaps for just a few days, or a month, a year or even forever… Islands fascinate us and fill us with wonder. Even just thinking about an island can give people great pleasure. Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman loved Stromboli.
    Spielberg took Indiana Jones to the jungles of Sri Lanka. Jacques Brel sang the beauty of the Marquesas Islands. Princess Margaret found peace and tranquillity in Mustique. Marlon Brando and Paul-Émile Victor made their homes in Polynesia. Richard Branson and other modern-day adventurers have actually bought the islands of their dreams, renting them out or transforming them into island-hotels. Tiny islets or vast expanses, famous or secret, lush and tropical or bare and windswept, they all attract the traveler. This is a book for dreamers, for travellers, and for anyone who wants to learn about the history of these islands, and open their minds to adventure, tropical sun, jungles, lagoons, forgotten creeks and fabulous hotels.

    Paris Hotel Stories
    By Francois Simon
    From the most luxurious to the most romantic, each has a story, a character and a style. All of them are exceptional, all unique; each captures the very soul of Paris. Lovers ans stars, the famous and the nameless, they've all felt the quickened heartbeat, the accelerated tempo of life at these grand architectural gems resplendent with the intimate history of private lives and dazzling energy of Paris. Abundant illustrations from the great photographer Daniel Aron allow us to get into the spirit of each place, discovering its style and decorators, its specialities and its surroundings, for there's a lot more to a hotel than rows of room opening off a corridor. Ritz . Meurice . Costes . Westminster . Normandy . Regina . Park Hyatt . Pavillon de la reine . Lutetia . L'Hôtel . La Villa Saint-Germain . Bel-Ami . Montalembert . Plaza Athénée . Bristol . George V . Crillon . Lancaster . Pershing Hall . La Trémoille . Concorde Saint-Lazare . Raphaël . Saint-James . Villa Royale . Square.

Welcome to the world of Assouline, where the culture of fine books joins the universe of luxury .Assouline is the first luxury brand in the world to use its publications as a medium, bridging the gap between life and style. For the past ten years, Assouline Publishing has created fine illustrated books dedicated to fashion, photography, art and design. Renowned for their highly original graphic concept, Assouline books are works of art capturing culture and bringing it to life. The spirit and ‘savoir faire’ of these works have contributed to the creation of a unique and eclectic, chic and elegant brand that is immediately identifiable. Today, Assouline publications can be found around the globe. In October, 2004 Assouline started the process of opening boutiques at eleven Saks Fifth Avenue stores in the United States. In Asia, Assouline has opened corners in Hong Kong with Lane Crawford and in Japan with Celux (Louis Vuitton VIP member boutique), Christie’s (New York), Holt Renfrew (Toronto) and Quartier 206 (Berlin). Assouline has designed a highly exclusive line of limited-edition luxury gift items. The Assouline Collection contains  such  is sold exclusively in select Assouline boutiques and through their site

Assouline Library
For the most discerning bibliophiles, Assouline has created a contemporary library featuring a fine selection of publications. The sleek, hand-made metal and wood structure was crafted in Italy and embraces the modern aesthetic that is Assouline. The 139 books are grouped according to collections and series, and metal plaques distinguish the titles. As a finishing touch, they have also included 3 Assouline candles to distil the atmosphere for the creation of a library with style. $13, 995

Assouline Library by Coach
The most elegant and chic, portable and contemporary library case has been custom-made by Coach to hold 40 of Assouline’s “must have” Memoire reference books on art, fashion, design and architecture. These distinctive saddle-stitched white leather library cases, lined with dark red suede, display the Assouline logo on a metal plaque in the front. $1, 495

Assouline Fine Vintage
These handcrafted wooden crates hold collections of books culled from Assouline’s new titles and bestsellers. Available in two subject categories; Art & Design: Eileen Gray, Robert Indiana, Pierre Paulin, Antiquaires, Rajasthan, Asian Art, African Forms and The Art Game Book. Fashion & Lifestyle: Diane von Furstenberg, Emilio Pucci, The Leather Book, Hitchcock Style, In the Spirit of Cannes, Ultimate Style, Chanel Set and Hollywood $395.

An aluminum multi-tiered shelving library holds an assortment of five Assouline style books. Choices include: Hitchcock Style, Weddings of Style, In the Spirit of Cannes, Island Hotel Stories, In the Spirit of St. Tropez, Royal Holidays, Paris Hotel Stories, Be My Guest, Chef Daniel Boulud, Dressing in the Dark, French Riviera, In the Spirit of Aspen, Timeless Tiaras, Hotel Stories and Happy Times .$400

Assouline Trunk
One hundred limited-edition, custom-made trunks created in collaboration with the famous craftsman Goyard . Each trunk houses 100 of Assouline’s famous Memoire photo-biographies, a ‘who’s who” of art, design, fashion and architecture. $11,495

Photographic Portfolio
A 16 x 20’ finely crafted portfolio contains the brilliant work of renowned photographers and artists like Serge Lutens, Keiichi Tahara and Oberto Gili, as well as photographs of Leo Castelli’s art collection in his apartment. Each portfolio comes with an original print. $1,000

Rajasthan Collectors Edition
An exceptional special edition of Rajasthan, each book is bound in raw silk. Comes wrapped in a one-of-a-kind vintage Rajasthani shawl, making each edition completely unique. $600

Memoire Gift Box
This original gift box houses four titles from the Assouline Memoire collection. Each book is specially wrapped. Available in four categories, this gift box will become indespensable for every event of your social life. Art: Gauguin, Indiana, The Dada Spirit, and Picasso. Men: Moulin Rouge, Jean Cocteau, Cuff Links and Greek Beauty . Fashion: Diane von Furstenberg, Emilo Pucci, Gruau and The Little Black Dress . Publishers Choice: Indian Beauty, Pierre Paulin, Eileen Gray and Codognato .$150

Books Candle
“Bibliotheque” created by one of the world’s sensory experts, this candle distills the atmosphere of your fantasy library into a light, extra-fine perfume- encapsulating the pleasure of reading. $45

"As Cartier is to watches, Assouline is to books!" proclaims TimeOut New York
SUMMER, 2005: Assouline Publishing
,the illustrated book publishing house releases more than a dozen fantastic new titles this Spring, 2005 including No Smoking (May, 2005) by Luc Sante,Andree Putman (June, 2005) by Stephane Gerschel, The Proust Questionnaire (June, 2005), Something to Hold (June, 2005) By Sharon Stone, photographs by Mimi Craven, Racing Style (July, 2005) written by Koto Bolofo, In the Spirit of Venice (June, 2005) by Alexis Gregory, Adventure Hotel Stories (July, 2005) by Francisca Matteoli, Hidden Underneath: A History of Lingerie by Farid Chenoune (July, 2005), Lynn: Front to Back by Lynn Kohlman (July, 2005), Albert Einstein: The Myth by Gero von Boehm (July, 2005), Pablo Picasso: The Last Years (June, 2005) by Mariano Miguel Montanes, The Building of Luxury (February, 2005) by Kyojior Hata,Paris by Assouline (June, 2005), The Movie Game Book (January, 2005) by Pierre Murat and Michel Grisolia, Marc Jacobs (May, 2005) by Bridget Foley, Dolce & Gabbana: Music (May, 2005) by Dolce & Gabbana, Bags (April, 2005) by Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter, Fred Astaire Style (July, 2005) by Bruce Boyer, Charlotte Perriand (July, 2005) by Elisabeth Vedrenne, Fornasetti (July, 2005) by Elisabeth Vedrenne, Peggy Guggenheim (July, 2005) byPaolo Barozzi, Mona Lisa: An Enigma (July, 2005) by Serge Bramly, Toulouse Lautrec (July, 2005) by Franck Maubert, Cezanne in Provence (July, 2005) by Denis Coutagne, Roger Vivier (July, 2005) by Colombe Pringle, Dior (April, 2005) by Marie-France Pochna, Leon Hatot (July, 2005) byArlette Emch and Christofle (July, 2005) by David Rosenberg. Inspired by art magazines and luxury publications, Assouline's graphic conception for lavishly illustrated books is replete with full-page pictures always aiming to maintain a proper balance between text and image. Welcome to the world of Assouline. Come inside and get a sneak peak of tomorrow's hottest coffee-table stunners today! For more information please contact usvia email

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