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NEW YORK— For those of us frustrated by constantly having to make the choice between being comfortable and looking good 66°North, the national clothing brand of Iceland, blazes into New York with a solution. A proven selection of outerwear apparel, the brand is crafted by those who know nasty, cold weather and 66°North offers this artistry of attitude within a fashion-forward bent. Protection, comfort and minimalist style, 66°North has been life-tested within its home country’s primordial landscape. 66°North provides everything you might need as they recreate the reality of the world’s harshest climate right here in SoHo for men, women and children at their first temporary retail store which will be located at 158 Mercer Street from 1 November through 30 December 2005. 10am to 9pm, Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm on Saturday and 11am to 7pm on Sunday.  During the holiday period hours will be extended to 8am to 10pm, Monday through Thursday, 8am to 11pm, Friday and Saturday and 9am to 9pm on Sundays. Interested media who wish to schedule a walk-thru or interview 66°North President Sharon Prince please contact Workhouse Publicity, publicist Meredith Rommelfanger at 212. 645. 8006 or meredith@workhousepr.com.

Durable, technological and stylish, among their most qualified researchers are extreme athletes and Icelandic Search & Rescue teams (ICE-SAR), bands of brave men and women trained to work under extreme conditions at sea and on land, who have gained fame for their daring exploits. 66°North brings the byproduct of all those years of research to New York this November. The store offers customer favorites for men, women and children including the award-winning Glymur Softshell Jacket, the Kaldi Arctic Hat and a tremendous opportunity to purchase an actual Icelandic Search and Rescue faux fur-trimmed snowsuit. Advocates of the 66°North include Scarlett Johansson, Julia Stiles, Ewan McGregor, Uma Thurman, Michael Bey, Liev Schreiber, Forrest Whittacker, and the President of the Explorers Club, NYC Richard Wiese.

“In the last year 66°North clothing has gone with me dog sledding in Alaska, to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and down to the Antarctic continent, as well as numerous trips a little less technical,” says Richard Wiese, President of the Explorers Club, NYC.

We have a rare opportunity to introduce a brand that is truly authentic, one with deep cultural roots that has a captivating story to tell. The biggest challenge is communicating a brand message that is so rich and inherently authentic that it does not need to be defined or redefined. We feel that our pop-up store at 158 Mercer Street will introduce a brand that has a confluence of culture, ease of lifestyle and fashion strength. I expect that New Yorker’s will discover the many facets of 66°North and we will become a brand as trusted and treasured as we are in Europe,” says Sharon Prince, President, 66°North.

Iceland is known as a mystical place populated by volcanoes, glaciers, geysers and waterfalls. Bordering the Arctic Circle, winters can be dark and harsh. Centuries of battling snowstorms and fighting heavy seas have seen gradual developments within the realms of protective gear. Historically, 66°North has been a part of its development and it’s often been referred to as Iceland’s national brand. Expect your world to be transformed upon entering 158 Mercer Street. Studio Director Nick Arauz of Pompei, A.D. has recreated the brand’s native country in this 2,500 square foot retail location.  Scrims featuring scenes of Icelandic countryside abound, while videos of Icelandic activities are projected on walls throughout the store. CD’s are available for gift purchase as just another way of bringing a small piece of Iceland home with you. Additional events and offerings include Reyka Vodka tastings, an after party for the film, Screaming Masterpiece with a performance by Mugison, an Iceland Open/ Time4 Media event, a TimeOut New York Kids Fashion event, launch of selected Assouline books and a GQ-sponsored grand opening event.

“We look forward to exposing New Yorkers to 66°North, the national clothing brand of Iceland. For nearly 80 years, 66°North has been at the forefront of high-tech outerwear with a collection of durable, form-fitted garments. One of the most trusted and proven brands of protective wear, each item is perfected through rigorous testing by Icelandic rescue teams, parents dressing their kids for school as well as fit, fashionable Icelanders themselves. This promises to be more than just a retail space, it will be a cultural experience,” states Sharon Prince, President of 66°North.

66°North Iceland’s temporary store has been designed so that visitors will experience “all things Icelandic.” Moss-covered shelving, gravel floors and iceberg tables conjure images of the rural Nordic villages where 66°North was introduced almost 80 years ago. Come in and partake of Icelandic Spring Water at a luxe Icelandic ice bar that will serve customers the cleanest waters from the edges of the Arctic Circle, where battling snowstorms and windy heights is a way of life. This space will serve many purposes by bringing together a fantastic blend of Icelandic fashion, film and music, all while celebrating prominent Icelandic figures who have made names for themselves worldwide. An epicurean Icelandic lounge invites visitors to sit back and relax in a futuristic chair equipped with a built in sound system connected to the latest sounds from Iceland. Or be captivated by the flat screen clips from Icelandic films recently premiered at the 2005 Toronto Film Festival. Or spend the day catching up on Iceland’s national history and natural wonders.

“66°North’s outerwear is rooted in Icelandic heritage: extreme conditions, an incredible natural landscape, and of course great style. So we’re creating much more than a store- this is a cultural hub where customers can immerse themselves in the Icelandic experience, and discover the brand. We’re developing a multimedia experience with images and films collected from all over Iceland, and designing the event space as a meeting point for anyone who’s been to Iceland or would like to know more. 66°North is really the top-end of outdoor gear, and has a cult following here in New York, so it’s the perfect place to launch a store for the holidays,” states Nick Arauz, Studio Director, Pompei, A.D.

66°NORTH Iceland
The brainchild of Hans Kristjansson, who began producing protective clothing for the commercial fisherman of Sugandafjord, quality and performance has always been essential to Icelanders who have learned to co-exist harmoniously with nature’s extremes. The name reflects the latitude line located at the edge of the Arctic Circle which intersects with Iceland at its northern most parts. Iceland, on the borderline of the Arctic Circle, has often been considered on the borderline of human habitation. Conditions can be extreme and in the course of its existence, Icelanders have had to develop both the mentality to meet the challenges and the physical means to do so. This includes discovering and developing suitable clothing for work and travel in all kinds of weather, for farmers and fisherman alike and all those who have had to brave the climate. Centuries of battling snowstorms and the windy heights to bring home sheep and fighting heavy seas to haul in rich catches of fish have seen the gradual development of even better protective gear and for more than three-quarters of a century 66°North has been a part of this development. As they say, there is no bad weather, if you have the right gear. Available at Cole Sport, Hickory & Tweed, Urban Outfitters, Fred Segal and fine stores everywhere. For more information please visit www.66northus.com.

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