Bold Summer Styles

NEW YORK –Sauntering into the fashion forefront, boho glam boudoir Eva spikes fashion with art and rock and roll, providing sexy summer looks for the fashion-savvy chick as raw and authentic as the threads she wears. Eva’s Summer Collection, a sweet and stylish anarchy featuring Ya-Ya’s delicate lace blossoming from supple cream-colored leather are mixed in dangerous liason with Gary Graham’s urban Victoria-inspired skirts and dresses, satin lavishly layered, ruffled and bustled to perfection. Sass and Bide’s raven-hued zip dress re-imagines a 1920’s flapper as Johnny Rotten’s goddaughter and AS FOUR refines billowing fabrics with sleek metallic trim. With every featured designer taking the next step in fashion, all open-toed shoes should be walking toward Eva this Summer.

New York’s best-kept fashion secret affair can be found downtown at the Nolita boutique Eva located at 227 Mulberry Street. This brave, modern boudoir has taken a vision of fashion three shades deeper to explore new forms and revelations in the realm of fashion design. A cannon of aesthetics stretching from the ominous Bruno Pieters to the raw talents of London’s Marjan Pejoski and Robert-Cary Williams, New York’s Gary Graham, AS FOUR, Daryl K and Lauren Felton, Eva fuses art with fashion through carefully selected collections inspired by some on today’s most innovative ideas and construction. Unpressured by the sentiments to conform, Eva is the pre-eminent institutional support for young talented designers and a marvel for the future of accessible fashion retailing. Handpicked and habitually one-of-a-kind pieces, Eva is an extension of the wardrobe of the shops owner Stephanie Pappas. Attracted to a designer’s individuality and the architecture of the clothing, Eva pushes fashion in a new direction and as an artistic lifestyle. A clever collection combining altered classics with avant-guard designs, Eva yanks fashion away from nostalgia and into a modern realm of distinctiveness, sophistication, and expression. The first New York store to carry Jens Laugensen, jeweler Tatty Devine, and The Netherlands Spijkers & Spijkers. A favorite stop for Daryl Hannah, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Bjork and fashion stylists Lori Goldstein, Patty Wilson and Patricia Fields, Eva represents the visions of tomorrow’s great designers.

Stephanie Pappas, a Long Island native born into a family of retailers, rebelled against her fashion family to find her own way. She found herself truckin’ the United States in a VW wagon designing and selling jewelry along the way. She eventually made her way back from California to Manhattan where she cultivated her inclination to create. She enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Technology for jewelry design and worked with jewelry designers Noir, Audrey Werner, and Erickson Beamon at Showroom Seven. Attending fashion shows and meeting young designers she was instinctively drawn to innovative designs. Kindled by a vision and an aesthetic conceptual verve she sensed through her association with talented designers, Pappas paired her retail background to launch Eva. Broadening her family’s tradition and naming the store after her mother, Pappas fused glamour and counter-distinctive creations from an extension of herself to a token to New York City fashion. For exclusive previews of Eva collections, or to schedule an interview with Stephanie Pappas, please contact Lehua Chong at chong@workhousepr.com. For high-resolution images of Eva, please visit www.workhousepr.com.


Gary Graham

Sass & Bide


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