“If you don’t know Patrick McMullan, you ought to get out more.” Andy Warhol

“Patrick McMullan has come to epitomize not just a certain strata of celebrity, but the bona fide celebrification of the photographer.”
David Friend, The Digital Journalist

NEW YORK- Called "The hottest party Bergdorf’s or the Upper East Side of Manhattan has seen in a long, long time!" by David Patrick Columbia’s New York Social Diary, Bergdorf Goodman, Gucci and Workhouse Publicity collaborated on the launch of Patrick McMullan’s new book so80s; A Photographic Diary of a Decade (PowerHouse) with a rockin’ affair which took place on the main floor of the women’s store at Bergdorf Goodman with store windows designed by Linda Fargo located at the entrance at 58th street and Fifth Avenue.

"There must have been nearly a thousand who came and at least tried to get into the store that night. The first and second floors where mobbed with socialites, celebrities, drag queens, and even Michael Musto, the chronicler of Downtown and NY Hipsterdom. This was a great party/ book signing, a memorable one. Bergdorf’s is on a campaign to get a buzz going and they have succeeded. The Patrick Party was the jewel in their buzz crown because everyone was so exhilarated by the critical-mass-a-people attending" Columbia declared.

As McMullan signed books, guests were invited to visit the new Gucci Boutique located on the second floor which was outfitted as a luxury lounge. Under Linda Fargo’s design direction, the lighting was lowered and McMullan image projections graced the walls while DJ Johnny Dynell, wearing a Keith Haring T-shirt, held court over an action-packed dance floor. Guests included Katie Holmes, Hayden Christiansen, Ali Larter, Deborah Harry, Angela Bassett, Seal, Dean Winters, Tiffany, Fred Schneider, Lisa Airan, Peter Arnold, Muffie Potter & Sherell Aston, Kelly & Gilles Bensimon, Harry & Gigi Benson, Stephen Burrows, Graydon Carter, Olivia Cantecaille, Alba & Francesco Clemente, Gail Elliot, Jennifer Creel, James de Givenchy, Christophe de Menil, Lipsinka, Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Farkas, Marjorie Gubelman, Cornelia Guest, Ashton Hawkins, Marcus Leatherdale, Rick & Kathy Hilton, Linda & Mort Janklow, Sale Johnson, Carolina Herrera, Nan & Thomas Kempner, Elizabeth Keiselstein Cord, Ghislaine Maxwell, Topper & Tinsley Mortimer, Tatum O'Neal, Campion Platt, Richie Rich, Jill & Andrew Roosevelt, Helen & Tom Schifter, Peter Brant & Stephanie Seymour, Rena Sindi, Isabel & Ruben Toledo, Ivana Trump & Bettina Zilka

With a career spanning three decades, Patrick McMullan is one of the world’s most celebrated party, fashion, and society photographers. Possessing status on par with his subjects, McMullan knows the intricate connections of those exalted few who live behind the velvet rope. His relentless documentation of the famous figures who made New York City nightlife emblematic in the age of excess is collected for the first time in so8os: A Photographic Diary of a Decade. A consummate chronicler, McMullan began his career in the early 1980s shooting the downtown scene alongside nightclub scribe Stephen Saban for the original Details magazine, with nothing more than a pocket camera and the encouragement of Andy Warhol. In so8os, he brings us back into the exclusive world of glamour and glitz as it was experienced by the era’s greatest fashion, music, and art icons that mixed uptown elitism with downtown eccentricity in New York City’s nightlife. Shot in notorious nightspots including Studio 54, Area, Danceteria, Limelight, and the Cat Club, so8os features unreleased photos from the Patrick McMullan archive. The beautiful people populating these pages of societal history include Drew Barrymore, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Dianne Brill, William Burroughs, Cher, Tina Chow, Calvin Klein, Duran Duran, Tom Ford, Michael J. Fox, Boy George, Keith Haring, Debbie Harry, Billy Idol, Bianca Jagger, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Robert Mapplethorpe, Liza Minnelli, Cookie Mueller, Eddie Murphy, Tatum O’Neal, Yoko Ono, Ozzy Osbourne, River Phoenix, Sally Randall, Diana Vreeland, Andy Warhol, and many more. McMullan shares with us his photographic diary that captured the New York characters and night crawlers who embodied the essence of the decade of decadence. Press requests for Patrick McMullan please contact Workhouse Publicity, CEO Adam Nelson via email If you are interested in obtaining a review copy please fax your request on letterhead to 212. 334. 1919. If have additional questions please contact us directly at Workhouse Publicity 212. 334. 8006 . For more information please visit

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so8os: A Photographic Diary of a Decade

Angela Basset

Katie Holmes with Patrick McMullan

Debbie Harry with Patrick McMullan

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